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Lesson Objective:
Know what Purim is and why we celebrate it
Understand the importance of the story of Purim

Lesson Outcome:
By the end of the lesson, the children will have understood the meaning and importance of Purim

The Purim Story
Purim Colouring Pages
A Purim Play



  • Brainstorm about Purim – recap prior knowledge about Purim. Encourage children to name any customs or traditions we have and do on Purim.

Main Teaching

  • Read the The Purim Story Pick one of the provided stories or find your own version to tell to the children in an interactive way – pausing and recapping, acting out little scenes and ensuring that children fully understand the story.
  • Summarise the story – Writing key parts of the story on the board, children to recognise main characters and understand their importance to the story.



  • Option 1: Puppet Show – Children to make puppets of the main characters so that they can retell the story in puppet form. Think about scenery if appropriate and rehearse the play so that they understand the story and why we celebrate Purim.
  • Option 2: Drama – Children to act out the Purim Spiel (A Purim Play). Children to be as creative as they wish, using costumes, scenery and writing a script. If you wish you can ask them to act out an alternative version of the play. There are many examples on the internet.
  • Option 3: Colouring in the Characters – Children to colour in the pictures of the main characters of the Purim Spiel and create a collage for Purim or stick straws or sticks on the back of the characters (printed on card would be better) to make flags/puppets to wave during the synagogue party. (Purim Colouring Pages)
  • Option 4: Retell the Purim Story – Children to retell the Purim story using the storyboard template. Children to draw pictures and write the story in their own words.



  • Perform the Play – Children to perform their plays or show their flags/storyboards to the rest of the Cheder/parents.