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Lesson Objective:
Recall Prior Knowledge about Israel
Create a Passport

Lesson Outcome:
By the end of the lesson, the children will have created a passport for their journey around Israel

Example Passport
Israel Pictures


  • Brainstorm ideas about what Israel means to them – Display the word ISRAEL on the whiteboard. Prompt by asking some questions and suggesting areas such as food, weather, singing, places, people, language and symbols.


Main Teaching

  • Israel Pictures – discuss and return to add things to the brainstorm. Explain that we will be looking at the State of Israel and why it is important to us as Jews.
  • Introduce idea of passports. Discuss why the children would need them to visit a different country. Show children pictures and real example of British passport (and Israeli passport if we have one). Explain that we will be travelling around and exploring Israel and in order to travel into a place, they must have a passport and stamp it at each location.



  • Create PassportChildren to create a passport using card, paper, pictures, glue etc…
  • Link to Hebrew – Encourage children to label the page numbers in their passport using the Aleph Bet.



  • Talk homework – Encourage children to find out more about Israel at home for the next lesson.