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Lesson Objective:
Learn about the location of the cities of Israel

Lesson Outcome:
By the end of the lesson, the children will have labelled the cities of Israel on the map

fact file
Map of Israel
Blank Map of Israel


  • Brainstorm about Israel – children to recap and add anything they know about Israel and the main cities and sites.

Main Teaching

  • Introduce the Lesson – Explain that today we will take another journey to these cities and places within Israel: TEL AVIV, HAIFA, MASADA, THE DEAD SEA and EILAT to see where they are on the map of Israel.
  • Read through the fact file– show children the key information for each place to remind children of the places they visited last week.
  • Show Map of Israel with the major places and cities labelled. Ask children to find the different places discussed in our lessons.



  • Label and decorate Blank Map of Israel – children to locate the places on their blank map and label. Draw a picture and write a sentence or two next to each label to describe the place as best as possible. (You may wish to enlarge the map to A3).



  • Children to stamp their passports – Be as decorative as you like to show the lesson completed