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Lesson Objective:
Learn and Understand the Hatikvah

Lesson Outcome:
By the end of the lesson, the children will have read           and understood the Hatikvah and written their own   poem for hope




  • Brainstorm about Israel – children to recap and add anything they know about Israel and the kibbutz.

Main Teaching

  • Share the Hebrew and English translationRead through the Hebrew and then the English translation with the children so that they know what the National Anthem of Israel means. Discuss why it is important to Israelis but also to all Jews around the world. Explain that it is a message of hope and that we hope for a safe Jewish State in the land of Israel.
  • Listen to the Hatikvah – play it through a couple of times.
  • Listen to the Hatikvah again – encourage children to sing along or to read the words in their heads.
  • Introduce the Lesson – Explain that today we will be looking at the National Anthem of Israel – ask if any of the children have heard of it or know what it is called: THE HATIKVAH.



  • Write their own version of the Hatikvah – children to write a poem, message or song about HOPE to do with Israel or Judaism. They should be encouraged to think carefully about their choice of words, what it is they want to say and how it can relate to a hope or vision for the future (a brainstorm may be useful to help stimulate some ideas).
  • Write poem in neat writing and decorate – children to write up their poem and decorate it with relevant images.


  • Read poems to the rest of the class – children to listen to each other’s poem using good audience skills (make sure this is encouraged).
  • Listen to the Hatikvah again – encourage children to sing along or to read the words in their heads
  • Children to stamp their passports – Be as decorative as you like to show the lesson completed