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Lesson Objective:
To recap on the knowledge gained in the project

Lesson Outcome:
By the end of the lesson, the children will have remembered key facts about Israel

Israel Millionaire PPT
Summary questions


  • Brainstorm favourite things about Israel – children to take it in turns to write/discuss some of the best things they have learnt about Israel over the past weeks.

Main Teaching

No main teaching this week, instead complete one or more of the activity options and complete the passports.



  • Option 1: Play Who Wants to be a Millionaire Israel Edition – children to work in groups to take it in turns to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire Israel Edition. Groups could write down the answers and hold them up to see whether they get it correct. 15 questions to be answered.


  • Option 2: Complete a Quiz on Israel – using the same Summary questions as the Who Wants to be a Millionaire Israel Edition, complete quiz with children in any way you feel appropriate.


  • Option 3: Create Own Quiz – Children to create their own quiz for Israel based on all that they have learnt during the project.


  • Option 4: Eat Some Israeli Food – Organise to bring in some falafel, pitta bread, hummus and any other Israeli food for the children to eat.


  • Or Sing one of the songs learnt previously.
  • Children to stamp their passports – Be as decorative as you like to show the lesson completed