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Lesson Objective:
To Know the Story of Joseph
Learn about the importance of Joseph and his dreams
Consider how bullying can be prevented

Lesson Outcome:
By the end of the lesson, the children will have learnt about the story of Joseph in Egypt and thought about dreams and preventing bullying

The Story of Joseph
My Dreams Sheet
Storyboard Template
Joseph Colouring Pages



  • Brainstorm – Who is Joseph? – Children to think about what they know about Joseph. Brainstorm ideas and thoughts about the story of Joseph and his relationship with Jacob and his brothers.

Main Teaching

  • The Story of Joseph – Read the story of Joseph (in three parts) to the children and discuss why it is important and what it meant. Why did Jacob like Joseph best? Is it okay for parents to have favourite children? Why is Joseph an important character? What do we learn about him that is helpful for us? Think about the relationship Joseph had with his brothers and how he reacted when they came to Egypt.
  • Bullying Discussion – Discuss the way in which Joseph was bullied and subsequently dealt with the bullying. Think about how we can do this today and how it is important to say no to the bully. Discuss how we can prevent bullying.
  • Hot seating – Imagine you were Reuben (the eldest brother); how would you feel knowing that Joseph was the favourite? How did you feel when he received the coat of many colours? Why and how did you persuade your brothers not to kill Joseph?
    Hot seating – Imagine you were Joseph – how did you feel?
    Hot seating – Imagine you were Jacob – how did you feel?Children to ask questions to the different characters of the story.



  • Option 1: Make an Anti-Bullying Coat of many Colours – Children to make a large coat template representing the coat of many colours. Following this, children to produce 1 or 2 coloured strips to be stuck onto the anti bullying coat as a collage. Strips should show messages of peace, anti-discrimination. This can be as creative as you wish and as large as you wish.
  • Option 2: Dreams for the Future –Children to complete the “My Dreams” sheet,  by writing/drawing their dreams for the future. Ask the children to think about what they want to be when they grow up and link to the story of Joseph and how he interpreted dreams for the future.
  • Option 3: Anti-Bullying Poster – Children to make an anti-bullying poster to suggest ways in which we can prevent bullying and deal with the bully. Link to the story of Joseph and how he was bullied by his brothers and how he managed to deal with it.
  • Option 4: Retell the Story of Joseph – Using the Storyboard Template, children to retell the story of Joseph with pictures and captions.
  • Option 5: Colouring Page – Children to colour in a picture of Joseph and his dream coat.


  • Show work produced – Children to present their work to the rest of the class/parents
  • Discuss the importance of having dreams and preventing bullying