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Lesson Objective:
Learn about the Important Sites of Jerusalem
Write a Message to God

Lesson Outcome:
By the end of the lesson, the children will have learnt about important sites in Jerusalem and written a message to God

Israeli Embassy Jerusalem
Jerusalem story



  • Brainstorm about Israel – children to recap and add anything they know about Israel.

Main Teaching

  • Introduce the Lesson – Explain that we will take our first journey today, to the capital of Israel: JERUSALEM
  • Tour Israel – Show children the Tour of Israel pages for Jerusalem working through the key sites of the city. After each of the 8 sites talk in appropriate detail about Jerusalem and what is there for Jews, Christians and Muslims.
  • Read the story of the Western Wall – ask children to imagine what it would be like at the Western Wall (Show picture of the wall, including the cracks where the paper messages are placed).



  • Write Messages to God – Children to write a message to be placed in the Western Wall in Israel. These could be pictures, prayers, poems, wishes, letters, etc. Spend some time decorating and making them look nice.
    (If possible, send these messages to someone in Jerusalem, asking them to place them in the wall and provide us with a photo)