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Lesson Objective:
Appreciate that the messages of Micah are very relevant today

Lesson Outcome:
By the end of the lesson, the children will have learnt about the prophecies of Micah and considered ways in which they can be like God through their behaviour

The Words of Micah
Who is like God Sheet



  • Brainstorm: List of Good Things – Children to make a list of things that they have done recently that they feel are good. Share with the rest of the class. List on whiteboard those that children feel would be good in God’s eyes. Why do they believe God would see them as good?

Main Teaching

  • Micah– The prophet Micah preached about the importance of good deeds over worship. Inform children that the Micah was not saying that the people should do good deeds rather than worship but it was pointless only to worship. By studying the Torah we can find many ways to be the kind of people they were calling for.
  • The Words of Micah – Read through The Words of Micah and discuss what each of the prophesies mean. Why did Micah say them – what was he saying that God wanted the people to do? How were the people behaving to make Micah say these things? How should the people behave to show that they love each other and God?


  • Option 1: Who is Like God? – Explain that Micah translates as “Who is like God” and that his prophesies suggests ways in which the people should behave and how they should live to show that they are made in God’s image. Ask children to think about how they can be like God. How can they behave and live their lives to show that they are good people? Using the Who is like God Sheet, write and draw pictures in the thought bubbles to show how they can be like God.
  • Option 2: Prophecy Art – Each child should produce a piece of art that contains one or two of the Micah prophecies and illustrate it with images that show its meaning. You may want to print out the verses and focus on the illustration of the meaning or focus on the words through calligraphy or using the Hebrew. This is an opportunity for the class to be creative as well as thinking about the verses from Micah and their meaning to us today.


  • Share Work – Children to share their work with the rest of the class. This should lead to a discussion about how we can be like God or how the different verses chosen are relevant today.