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Lesson Objective:
Know and Understand the Story of Creation

Lesson Outcome:
By the end of the lesson, the children will have learnt about the story of creation and Adam and Eve.

The Story of Creation
The Story of Adam and Eve
Tree of Knowledge Template
Storyboard Template with Captions
Storyboard Template without Captions
Creation Colouring Pictures
This is Very Good Lyrics



  • Brainstorm – What is the World? – Children to think about what the world is and what it means to them. How was it created? Who created the world? Why is this story important?

Main Teaching

  • Story 1: The Story of Creation – Read the story of Creation, stopping after each day and asking the children to recall what happened each day. Discuss the importance of the order of creation and why God rested on the seventh day.
  • Youtube clip of the creation story –
    Answer any questions the children may have after watching the clip.
  • Story 2: The Story of Adam and Eve – Read the story of Adam and Eve. Discuss why God tested Adam and Eve? Why did Eve take the fruit from the tree? What is the significance of the story?


  • Option 1: Drama– Children to act out the story of Creation and Adam and Eve (either story 1 or 2). Children may wish to script the story first or simply perform as the story is read. Think about the characters’ feelings within the story when acting. You may wish to add an alternative ending scene to show what could have happened if the honourable things were done.
  • Option 2: Create the Tree of Knowledge –Children to make a large tree of knowledge out of any of the resources they have available. Using the Leaf Templates, children to add green and brown (or simply good and bad) leaves to the tree showing good and bad deeds. They can include their own things or make them up.
    Example of good leaf: Helping mum and dad clean the house
    Example of bad leaf: Being mean to my little brother
    This can be as creative as you like and as big as you like.
  • Option 3: The Tree of Knowledge – Using the Tree of Knowledge Template, children to write/draw or create a poem about the good and bad things that they have or can do. Try to make sure that the good deeds outweigh the bad deeds. This is a similar activity to the second option, but on a smaller scale. For older children you may encourage them to write a poem about Adam and Eve.
  • Option 4: Retell the Story of Creation – Using the storyboard template (either with or without the wording), children to retell the story of Creation.
  • Option 5: Creation colouring pagesChildren to colour in a picture of the Creation story.


  • Sing This is very Good – Children to sing the song written by Jeff Klepper
  • Show work produced – Children to present their work to the rest of the class/parents
  • Discuss the importance of doing the right thing, even if we wish we didn’t have to