In 2014 Liberal Judaism took the decision to become the first UK Jewish Synagogul Movement to fully embrace and support the Living Wage Campaign. The documents below are taken from a pack that was produced as an informational tool and programming aid in the lead up to the 2014 Liberal Judaism Biennial Weekend. The pack was designed to help communities engage with the project and involves text studies, information and articles about the Living Wage. We hope that the below information can help inform, engage and enable progression with this important campaign:

Introduction into Liberal Judaism and the Living Wage

Living Wage Internal Articles

Living Wage External Articles

Liberal Judaism and the Living Wage Text Study

Informal Education Programme for Young People on Living Wage

Living Wage Next Steps and Contact Details

In addition, please see below for more information and commentary about the Living Wage from other organisations:

Living Wage Foundation – Guide to the Living Wage

Living Wage Welcome Brochure

A Catholic Guide to the Living Wage

USA Conservative Movement’s Teshuva on the Living Wage