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Lesson Objective:
Understand the importance of the Israeli Emblem

Lesson Outcome:
By the end of the lesson, the children will have understood the importance of the Israeli emblem and created their own emblem for their synagogue.

Emblem of Israel
Emblem of Synagogue


  • Brainstorm about Israel – children to recap and add anything they know about Israel and the Hatikvah.

Main Teaching

  • Introduce the Lesson – Explain that today we will be looking at the Emblem of Israel
  • Show Emblem of Israel children to think about what is on it and why it might be the emblem of Israel.
  • Complete Emblem Worksheet – children to work in pairs to answer the four questions about the Emblem of Israel. Discuss answers as a class and think about why the emblem is important and used in Israel.
  • Show Selection of Emblems – encourage children to discuss their relevance and why they are important to their followers.



  • Create Emblem for Synagogue – children to design and create an emblem for their Synagogue to represent everything that is important to them as members (a brainstorm may be useful to help stimulate some ideas). 
  • Share Emblems with the rest of the class – children to show and explain their emblem to the rest of the class whilst audience should be encouraged to listen to each other’s explanations using good audience skills



Or Sing one of the songs learnt previously.

  • Children to stamp their passports – Be as decorative as you like to show the lesson completed