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Lesson Objective:
Understand the meaning of covenant and commitment
Learn about Samuel’s relationship with God

Lesson Outcome:
By the end of the lesson, the children will have learnt   about how making promises are important and how this affected Samuel’s relationship with God.

Scenario Cards
The Story of Samuel
Hineini Sheet
Promises Sheet



  • Brainstorm – Making Deals to get Something – Ask the class if they have ever wanted anything so much but they could not have it. What deals or promises did they make to try and get it? Did they ask anyone to help? Did they eventually get it?
  • Different Types of Commitment – Organise the class into pairs and distribute the Scenario sheet. Ask the pairs to discuss the scenarios and match each one to one of the four words shown. Discuss the four types of commitment; agreement, contract, promise and covenant and whether any of the children have experienced any of these types of commitments before.

Main Teaching

  • The Story of Hannah and Samuel – Read through the story of Hannah and Samuel and how Hannah made a promise to God. Ask them to listen out for the promises, contracts, agreements or covenants that are made in the story and identify who is involved in them.
    What do they think about Hannah’s promise to God? How did she feel when she took Samuel to the Temple and left him with Eli?


  • Option 1: Hineini – Using the Hineini Sheet, children to complete the thought and speech bubbles to show what they would be thinking or saying if they thought God was calling them.
  • Option 2: Promises – Using the Promises Sheet, children to write a promise that they will make to God, to themselves and to their parents.


  • God Calling – Ask the children if they have ever felt that God has spoken to them or been with them and if they wish to share their thoughts and feelings.